Sorrento is a beautiful place that could really use a refresh to bring it up to the luxe destination it was always meant to be.  One of the most obvious issues is our shopping strip vegetation. 

Thankfully, Sorrento has a mixed vegetation overlay, so we have a broad scope of vegetation options to improve the area.  As we all know, Ocean Beach Road currently has dead and dying trees, inappropriate vegetation (including gum trees) and much hated bollards – which are now splitting, some with damaged galvanised tops.  Now is the perfect time to rejuvenate this area.

We would like your input into making Sorrento Main Street more attractive & functional, it already has great bones, so it is mainly just the vegetation.  After a lot of research & consultations with arborists & nurserymen, the following trees have been selected & we are happy to consider more.  Criteria was longevity, attractive appearance, functionality (including shade canopy) & the ability to survive coastal conditions and the wind tunnel that is Ocean Beach Road.  Where possible we have included Australian Natives that are fit for purpose.

There are many variations & combinations of positioning that everyone can have input into, we are at the point where anything is better than what we have now.  Please note the streetscape will probably be done in stages over a period of time, as funds become available.  Once a concept is decided on, we can begin the process to get it approved & make it happen. 

Please send all feedback to admin@nepeanvoters.com



According to arborist advice, the Hill’s Fig would be ideal for our median strip to replace the dead & dying casuarinas, & even to replace the ill suited gum trees which they have in Rosebud as well – somehow they have found their way to Sorrento & our  our shopping precinct.

Advanced Hill’s Fig ready for purchase



Hill’s Fig can also be grown as a large hedge or pruned for topiary & is the ultimate lush tree as shown in both images.  In low rainfall areas it has the perfect shape to provide dense shade.  Whilst in Sydney they will have buttressed roots & grow almost as large as a Moreton Bay Fig,  here they will be much, much  smaller.  In small gardens, they are maintained by keeping the trunk clear and clipping the foliage regularly to maintain dense growth.  They have a fast growth rate. This tree has proven successful along the south east coast of Australia.  For added visual impact they could have raised concrete surrounds for added height. 


These would be great in the areas where there are no building canopies so they can grow to their maximum potential in areas near Ocean Pavilion & the Medical centre as well are various other places.  These could also be great when the New Zealand Christmas trees are ready to be replaced.

  • Evergreen
  • Australian Native
  • Great Street Tree
  • Bright green almond shaped leaves
  • Drought tolerant
  • Frost tolerant
  • Wind tolerant
  • Small yellow insignificant flowers at top


These will be best planted in oversized pots or the existing garden beds in a decorative concrete surround to ensure that size is limited so that they won’t interfere with canopies – similar idea for the Hill’s figs.  These surrounds will ensure there is more visual interest and immediate vertical height.

These grow incredibly well in Sorrento.


  • Evergreen
  • Hardy
  • Grows very well in Sorrento
  • Tolerates coastal conditions
  • Tolerates wind
  • Relatively Compact size
  • Could replace red bottle brush on east side


Only a couple of these show stoppers would make an incredible difference without being ridiculous, tying in with the theme & history of the existing ones & balancing the aesthetics of the streetscape.

Love them or hate them, they are already part of our streetscape & historical Sorrento.

We only may need a couple strategically placed – they would tie in with existing Canary Island Palms at the Conti, Ocean Beach Pavilion & residences at either end of the shopping strip on Ocean Beach Road, balancing the theme. 

A raised surround with seating incorporated would be great to provide shade & seating.  Ideal placement would be at the front of Baked in Sorrento, Smashing Bean, Sorrento Girl &/or Tommy Bahama, on Melbourne Rd roundabout – would have to be walked through to see what location is best. 



Bollards – to remove the chunky cheap looking bollards that are currently only siting on the ground & replace with classic cypress pine bollards 125x125mm or 140x140mm.  Existing ones could be used for other projects on the Peninsula.

I can’t even estimate the number of complaints I have had about these chunky bollards.  According to residents they “don’t fit in with our historic & classic style”, rather “they are better suited to a cheap new housing estate”, “they are embarrassing”



Used to give height and visual interest, large pots could be amazing, as well as rectangular planter boxes – maybe also used as a safety barrier.

In small groupings or simple lines, large commercial street pots and planter boxes could be amazing.  There could also be similar surrounds for median strip trees to provide an immediate well established look.