To see a magnificent, unapologetic and extremely functional structure that provides all the amenity of the once beautiful beach it will be replacing – just without the sand.  We are looking for a concept that not only carefully considers the site, the environment and the Portsea we all know and love, but is able to lift the spirits of all those who visit.

The demise of the Portsea Beach since the 2009 dredging is well documented, but it’s not until you go there can you fully appreciate the complete devastation of this entire area.  It is confronting and overwhelming to see the “we give up” Sand Bags, a run of “we don’t care” orange tape temporary fencing and randomly scattered Rocks where the sandy beach used to be.  We are hoping this concept brings back hope and heralds an exciting new beginning for this amazing and visually stunning part of the world.


Portsea Beach many years before the dredging, the new structure will have to compensate for the loss of sand on both sides of the pier – so prepare yourselves, it is going to be BIG!